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Note that the M. The sink LED power header is located to the lower left of the heat sink.

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Once the LED goes out, the flash operation is completed and the board can be booted. ASUS added an armor-type overlay covering the rear panel as well as the VRM heat sink directly below the rear panel assembly. An additional aluminum heat spreader was placed over the area behind the Intel X99 chipset to provide a secondary cooling path as well.

The unlabeled headers just above the USB 2. To the upper left of the upper set of DIMM slots are a 4-pin system fan header.


The board supports M. The LN2 Mode jumper enables a cold bug fix that can be encountered when attempting to boot a CPU at sub-zero temperatures. The heat sink to the left of the socket contains an ROG logo that glows red when the board is powered.

The Sonic SoundStage button activates preset sound profiles or user created sound profiles for headphones attached to the front panel audio header. The fourth red colored PCIe x16 slot shares bandwidth with the M. The Intel X99 chipset is covered by a large low-profile, aluminum heat sink with the ASUS corporate logo embedded in white lettering on its surface.

The Realtek-based audio chipset is capped with a gold-plated heat sink with embedded SupremeFX logo, located in the upper left corner of the board and capped for signal shielding purposes.

For sub-zero enthusiasts, ASUS integrated key functions into the board's design to aid in getting the best performance possible. Note that memory speeds above MHz are considered overclocked speeds and are outside of the official Intel stock memory speed specifications.

While it appears to be a tight fit between the two coolers along the sides of the socket, but we found no issues with using air or water coolers with the board.

The Rampage V Extreme features the following port integrated into its rear panel assembly: Quad Channel memory mode is enabled with memory modules seated in like colored slots.

The CPU socket area is clear of obstructions even with the coolers along both sides of the socket.

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The 2-digit diagnostic display can be used for debugging system issues during system initialization. Their were no space contention issues between the heat sink and either of the power connectors. The Slow Mode switch can be used to automatically slow the system boot process and CPU frequency to help prevent system crashing at extreme cooling speeds.

The ReTry button can be used to attempt system reboot that locked up during the initialization process, while retaining the previously set UEFI settings.

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In conjunction with the KeyBot Windows software, the user to program in-game macros based on programmed key combinations. The area directly underneath the CPU power phases is covered by an aluminum heat spreader offering additional cooling as well as protection to the ICs located there.

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Common practice for high-end board design, ASUS integrated the SupremeFX audio subsystem into an isolated PCB to ensure audio clarity and fidelity and minimize line-noise and distortion. The displayed debug codes can be decoded using the table from the motherboard manual. The primary memory slots are the red colored slots in both the top and bottom slot sets. The EZ Plug power connector can be used to provide extra power to the PCI-Express bus when multiple video cards are seated in the board.

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The PCB separator line glows red along its length when the board is powered, making for a nice effect in-line with the board's ROG-centric color scheme. In the upper left corner of the board and along the outer edge of the fourth red PCIe x16 slot are the front panel audio header, the EZ Plug power connector, the trusted module port header, a temperature sensor header, the Sonic Soundstage button, and the dual BIOS chips.

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This gives the board a much more professional and uniform appearance, perfect for use in a windowed case. The active profile momentarily displays on the debug LED when the button is pressed. The front panel audio header is located the upper left corner of the audio PCB, to the left of the audio chipset.

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The Probelt voltage rampage v extreme ram slots points, located just under the pin power connector, allow for direct board voltage measurement using a volt meter.