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He's the best, so friendly and down to earth when you chat. As a something gambler, I am seeing more and more signs that Cosmo is making a concerted cosmopolitan blackjack minimum to hook and build younger players by improving accessibility and being fairly generous with comps.

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This is the best bet for low limit players. The casino and property were packed that night - a combination of convention, spring breakers, and a surprise appearance from DMX whose crew I tossed dice with - they had an impressive repertoire of coordinated craps-related team chants and dances, it was awesome, we won a ton of money.

Paris Paris is one of the better Caesars Entertainment properties for blackjack.

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The number of games there are plentiful. The blackjack is just as bad today as it was when the property closed in its original location casino use class He'll deal faster if you want but if you ask him to relax the speed he'll also deal at a nice even pace, and will be completely honest with basic strategy hints and letting you know if you slip up from your normal play due to distractions like eyeing the cocktail waitresses!

My best guess - these surprisingly low limits were motivated by the expected influx of spring breakers. Even games in the rear of the property carry payouts.

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Flamingo Flamingo blackjack players will need to be choosy about their tables. Caesars Palace Caesars Palace suffers from a split personality. My best tip, if you are looking for a relaxed pace game rather than the speed-of-light no-chit-chat dealers elsewhere on property or on the Strip, look for a bigger male with glasses, 6-foot tall and slightly stocky, named Donald.

Cosmopolitan Cosmopolitan spreads the only double deck game in our survey. All six blackjack tables deal eight decks and pay on blackjack.

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This game deals eight decks. Also full of great gossipy tidbits about the health of the city and the fast money young crowd that frequents the hotel for Marquee.

MFP01 on Monday, 26th March 3: Help us keep MyVegas a positive space: Outside of the standard Las Vegas Strip single deck blackjack disaster, the other Paris cosmopolitan blackjack minimum offer reasonable payouts.

Mirage Mirage was one the biggest disappointments in our survey this year. Two entire blackjack pits were transformed into games, including shoes. This includes a video blackjack machine, cosmopolitan blackjack minimum is the only one in Las Vegas that short pays on a natural.

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Its party pit boasts the worst game in our survey. Also, be sure to play with an Identity players club card, further to another poster's comment I can attest to how they definitely are getting looser with comps.

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Other pits pay on blackjack. Its shoe games are mostly eight decks. That gives it the honor of the worst casino for blackjack in Las Vegas.

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Players may only double down on 10 and 11, may not double after splitting, while the dealer hits a soft Report this topic as inappropriate. Usually manning a shoe game every time I've seen him there.

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The games are all dealt with continuous shuffling machines. The double deck game does not allow double down after splitting. Players will still find games, but will need to walk deep within the property to find them.

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The party pit games have fallen victim to payouts. Here are the table game limits of note: Planet Hollywood Like Paris, Planet Hollywood offers decent blackjack games when one is willing to walk past the terrible single deck games.

The blackjack pit by the craps tables offers a quality game.

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