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At this point we have two options, neither of them good: Join List L1, List L2.

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Maybe eventually, if the conflict between the manager's schedule and the maker's schedule starts to be more widely understood, it will become less of a problem. Example[ edit ] Here is an example of a job shop scheduling problem formulated in AMPL as a mixed-integer programming problem with indicator constraints: Business people in Silicon Valley and the whole world, for that matter have speculative meetings all the time.

Plus you have to remember to go to the meeting. Till recently we weren't slot scheduling problem in our own minds about the source of the problem. Imagine that each job requires m operations in sequence, on M1, M2 … Mm.

It's embodied in the traditional appointment book, with each day cut into one hour intervals.

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We can solve this using Johnson's method. But Y Combinator runs on the maker's schedule. They're so common that there's distinctive language for proposing them: How do we manage to advise so many startups on the maker's schedule? Which puts us in something of a bind. Those of us on the maker's schedule are willing slot scheduling problem compromise.

I used to program from dinner till about 3 am every day, because at night no one could interrupt me.

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If I know the afternoon is going to be broken up, I'm slightly less likely to start something ambitious in the morning. Everyone assumes that, like other investors, we run on the manager's schedule. Please help improve this article by adding more general information. It's the schedule of command. During busy periods, office hours sometimes get long enough that they compress the day, but they never interrupt it.

That's no problem for someone on the manager's schedule. You can meet someone just to get to know one another.

Most powerful people are on the manager's schedule. If you have an empty slot in your schedule, why not? We just took it for granted that we had to either blow our schedules or offend people. Hochbaum and David Shmoys presented a polynomial-time approximation scheme in that slot scheduling problem an approximate solution to the offline makespan minimisation problem with atomic jobs to any desired degree of accuracy.

They're effectively free if you're on the manager's schedule. So they introduce us to someone they think we ought to meet, or send us an email proposing we grab coffee. A small decrease in morale is enough to kill them off. The manager's schedule is for bosses. But now that I've realized what's going on, perhaps there's a third option: Speculative meetings are terribly costly if you're on the maker's schedule, though.

For someone on the maker's schedule, having a meeting is like throwing an exception. Since most powerful people operate on the manager's schedule, they're in a position to make everyone resonate at their frequency if they want to. We know we have to have some number of meetings. There are two types of schedule, which I'll call the manager's schedule and the maker's schedule.

When we were working on our own startup, back in the 90s, I evolved another trick for partitioning the day.

Find an open slot in your schedule, book them, and you're done. A single meeting can blow a whole afternoon, by breaking it into two pieces each too small to do anything hard in.

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Major results[ edit ] This section only describes one highly specialized aspect of its associated subject. Then I'd sleep till about 11 am, and come in and work until dinner on what I called "business stuff.

Johnson can be used to solve the case of a 2 machine N job problem when all jobs are to be processed in the same order. The talk page may contain suggestions.

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Meetings cost them more. Get funded by Y Combinator.

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July One reason programmers dislike meetings so much is that they're on a different type of schedule from other people.