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It is common cause that subsequent to the newspaper article the MEC phoned Mafojane requesting the Board to resign. In this regard she referred to her letter mentioned in para 10 above.

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The MEC appointed an administrator almost immediately after dissolving the Board. The older you are the less important your school information will become.

Importantly, s 16 1 provides: Section 12 provides for the staff of the Board, including the Chief Executive Officer. The Act regulates and controls gambling within the province. She also failed to consider the confines of the statutory provisions on which she relied and did so without due regard for the consequences on the fiscus and on transparent and accountable governance.

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Section 18 is of special importance in that it deals with the accounting responsibilities of the Board. You might only want to mention that you matriculated, where and when and one or two major achievements. There is no need to supply the contact details of previous employers nor the reason why you left their employment.

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Persistent opposition by the Board led to the drastic, unwarranted act of dissolution. Managed 32 staff members and a R1 million budget. One is driven to the conclusion that it was convenient for the MEC not to have sight of the application and supporting documents. Place a pen and paper next to the phone in casy there is a message.

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In the scheme of the Act, s 8 deals with instances unrelated to the facts of this case. Put simply, even though the MEC has oversight and can take steps to ensure that the Board conducts its operations in accordance with the provisions of the Act, the Board nevertheless has an independent statutory existence with its members being obliged to comply with their obligations in terms of the Act. It is also not necessary to show your grades or marks achieed.

If you have serious problems with my decision please tender your resignation. Developing and implementing provincial policy; Co-ordinating the functions of the provincial administration and its departments.

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However, that does not excuse their behaviour. Section 4 stipulates the functions and powers of the Board, namely: It will be recalled that on the same day the MEC wrote the letter referred to in para Section 18 4 provides that the Board must: They also deal with asset and liability management.

It is, however, worth noting that her motivation and mind-set was such that it is clear that she had no intention of being swayed from terminating their membership. The special costs order, namely, on the attorney and client scale, sought by the Board and Mafojane is justified.

End this section of with your extracurricular activities that you participated in, e.

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Accounting officers have a responsibility to ensure that institutions they represent implement systems and procedures when dealing with third parties that are open, competitive and transparent and that provide safeguards against favouritism, improper practises and opportunities for fraud, theft and corruption. The Board itself is obliged to submit proposals to the MEC in relation to matters referred to above by no later than nine months prior to the start of each financial year or on a date otherwise prescribed.

Second, a member of the Board is required to vacate office if he or she has been absent for more than two consecutive meetings of the Board without leave of the Chairperson.

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She attempted to turn turpitude into rectitude. Thus she did not join issue on the existence of the e-mail. The constitution of the Board is dealt with in s 5 of the Act. The termination on 23 January by the respondent of the membership of all the members of the Gauteng Gambling Board is declared unlawful and invalid.

It was a view purely intended to mitigate any possible financial loss. Section 6 2 e ii of PAJA makes administrative action taken for an ulterior giochi gratis slot machine or motive subject to review.

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Regrettably, in the present case, it was not prayed for and thus not addressed. Does the P O Box belong to you or someone else?

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May I suggest that you speed the process of moving before I lose my cool with you. Her request then turned into an instruction. It is essential that your cellphone needs to be on in case anyone phone. Start with the most recent position and work your way back. It is time for courts to seriously consider holding officials who behave in the high-handed manner described above, personally liable for costs incurred.