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Attan E-Shop provides slot car parts to the racers in the Czech Republic.

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This has served to improve the competitiveness of each club. Cahoza is one of the largest manufacturer of gears, guides, tools, motor cans and setups for G7, G27 and G12 slot cars.

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Replicas were created of the Lancer and Russkit bodies supplemented with bodies by Englishmen John Dilworth. The cars would race on both plastic and wood tracks using either urethane or sponge tires. This national organization supports two forms of racing, what is called Slot Racing, similar to what we see pergamino slot the US at our commercial raceways and Scale Racing where appearance forms an important factor.

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One 6-Lane 35 metre Ninco ours a roulette and two custom Scalextric rally tracks. In Maya metre-long Carrera and a metre-long Ninco train were put into operation.

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The regulations are in still being formulated but it should involve at least two classes of production flexi slot cars. Held once a year, usually in June, builders from all over the world look forward to this event where the cars are judged both on appearance and race results in a combined score.

The Modeling Maurepas Club a 40 year old hobby club that also races RC and a slot cars on it's three tracks including a 6-lane 30 metre track for slot cars.

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The raceway supports a full program of wing cars, eurosport, flexi and scale cars. Recently they played host to the Wing Car Worlds. Having a well deserved reputation for some of the fastest slot car racers in the world, with Czech drivers occupying the top tree slots in the current ISRA World ranking, much of slot car racing in the Czech Republic is based upon speed with Eurosport and Wing cars enjoying strong support.

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While membership in DMRU is free not all clubs are members. The class is now run in Germany and Spain with sales of the cars from Vejle, Denmark to all racers and collectors all over the world. Each has its own racing program with the club racing the following series which are typical for most clubs in Germany.

The entire restoration project is described here.

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They discussed starting a F1 series based upon the cars that they had seen. Two clubs stand out with their size and influence.

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In a club with more than 40 years of history and one that hosted the first ISRA World Championship in closed it's doors. When the chassis went out of production an equivalent 3D chassis was produced by Niels Elmholt Christensen in attempt to keep the series alive.

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Biella Slot Rally Club in Biella, Italy beside running the usual classes also offer a rally track that is also a popular form of slot car racing in Italy as it is in Spain. Most clubs have youth programs that are sponsored by local cities.

The Monza Autorama opened its doors for the first time in After the slot car fad subsided most of the original autoramas closed but in recent years new autoramas are sprouting up again.

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The main slot racing classes are Production16 and Open Octopus Autorama also located in Sao Paulo, has been in business for 19 years and has a six-lane track called the "Paperclip". The club is located in the town of Folignano with a population under 10, people is a municipality in the Province of Ascoli Piceno.


These large races are attended by racers from throughout Europe. For the ordinary rental business, the host organizes and pergamino slot a race, usually in two rounds. One prominent commercial track is RaceFun in Albertslund, Denmark.

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Finland is also home to a dedicated main casino of wing car racers that race over several tracks, usually some version of a Blue King pergamino slot.

Since slot car racing is thought of as an appropriate activity for youth most of the clubs have strong youth programs and the average age for a slot car racer in Finland is quite a bit less than it is in the United States. Monza offers three routed wood tracks including a Blue King and a Monza road course. Slotcar Club Bludenz has a brand new 4-lane 52 pergamino slot wood track and pergamino slot located in the town of Blundenz in the Austrian state of Vorarlberg in the Western part of Austria.

The raceway supports a wide range of racing activities from Flexi to scale and maintains its own online store.


The club runs an amazing number of series. There are a few commercial establishments but these do not cater to walk-in traffic but rather rent out thier facility to groups. Groups can be as little as 4 and up to a practical limit around The club track is located in a hobby shop amongst slot cars for sale, planes, ships, drones, games, trains, and even 3D printers!