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Nightwing then tricked Cobb into Gotham's train tunnels, where the hero was able to freeze him with a liquid nitrogen tub.

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The three performers, known as the Flying Graysonswere one of Haly's most famous acts, a fact that went to Dick Grayson's head. His actions successfully attracted the attention of Spyral, 18 age casino california sent Helena Bertinellithe agent known as Matron, out to recruit him.

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She suspected Agent 1 was a traitor who had murdered numerous agents from other espionage groups. Dick accepted Slade's offer and began training Rose.

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From the experience Grayson learned not to take his friends for granted and apologized for treating them so poorly. Deal With Deathstroke At some point during his time as Robin, Dick was confronted by Deathstrokethe world's deadliest assassin.

Grayson would encounter Batman at various times, and the Bat helped Grayson with his investigation, empathizing with his similar tragedy.

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Working with a couple of other kids, Grayson managed to survive the blackout and return to his family at Haly's camp. During the fight it became obvious to Grayson that Spyral knew even more than he thought and he was now fully convinced that it was time to go back to Gotham. You can help out by providing additional information, expanding on the subject matter in order to bring this article to a higher standard of quality.

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Nemesis Grayson returned to his duties as Agent 37 and was sent on a mission to retrieve a Kryptonian amulet from a Spanish duchess with his new partner Tiger, AKA Agent 1. Forever Evil Nightwing's identity is exposed Shortly after the Crime Syndicate came to Earth and supposedly killed the Justice LeagueNightwing was captured by the invaders on his way back to Gotham and had his identity revealed to the world in order to threaten the hero community even further.

Trying to find a lead on Zucco's location, Grayson reluctantly enlisted the help of Chicago's newest super-villain, The Prankster. Through their search they encountered Midnighter on more than one occasion, who was also searching closest casino to washington dc the Paragon Project and tried to hinder Spyral's successes. While Grayson seemed to be recovering well from the tragedy, he would actually sneak out at night in order to conduct his own investigation into the whereabouts of Tony Zucco.

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Nightwing eventually left Gotham, occasionally returning to mentor the next RobinRed Robin keith urban soaring eagle casino and further train Batgirl. Dick didn't know or recognize him until Wally electrocuted him, "shocking" his memories back to life.

However, another Talon named William Cobbwho Batman had revealed to Nightwing was Dick's revived great-grandfather, attacked Nightwing and stabbed him in the chest. In exchange, Deathstroke would stop trying to kill Dick and the rest of the Teen Titans.

Minos was killed by Helena in the aftermath.

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He was eventually enlisted into Spyral by the organization's mysterious leader, Mister Minos. Death of the Family Nightwing vs.

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Losing his trust in Helena, he searched for Tiger [39] and was able to save him from the real traitor.